Technology in Education – Roundup May 2017

As is evident all around us, technology is not only evolving extremely fast, but it also is becoming all pervasive. No area of our lives and no industry is untouched by technology. And this includes technology in education, as mentioned by Raunaq Gupta in his blog.

To emphasise my point, this New York Times article talks about how Google has literally taken over the Classroom and goes on to showcase the Students at Newton Bateman Elementary School in Chicago who use Google-powered laptops and Google education apps for classwork. More than half the nation’s primary- and secondary-school students — more than 30 million children — use Google education apps, the company says.

So much so, that For the first time, The Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards confirmed that this year, they will include a category for education technology to recognise the major changes digital innovation is making to education.

The growing importance of technology in education is such that as per this news, Experts have gathered at MIT to explore new research in education technology wherein, Researchers, policymakers, and education company leaders discussed innovative technologies to improve education for disadvantaged learners.

All this, and the government plays a spoil sport as ususal. Betsy. The US Education secretary praised technology and panned the government interference in the classroom in her speech to techies at ‘Davos by the Desert?’. DeVos likened education technology to ‘a thousand flowers’ that have yet to bloom, and I guess President Trump ain’t gonna like that much!