To All My Fans, With Love, From Sylvie Ellen Conford

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To All My Fans, With Love, From Sylvie  by  Ellen Conford

To All My Fans, With Love, From Sylvie by Ellen Conford
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**UPDATE** Lizzie Skurnick Books is reprinting this in all its glory this Fall 2013. So if you even wanted to read my favorite YA book of all time without scouring used book shops, youre in luck!! Just ordered it for my library.**I first read this book when I was 13 years old. I checked it out of our local librarys YA section and fell in love with it. 10 years later, I tracked down an old library copy on (remember when that website was a thing?) and it travels with me where ever I move to this day.Its hard to pinpoint why I loved this book so much as a kid.

Its realistic fiction, but still historical since it is set in the fifties and as a teen, that seemed like an age ago. Crinolines? Mini-poo powdered shampoo? HATBOXES? I couldnt stop reading. The adventure she takes in the book is one I think we all dreamed about as kids...

heading out with only our savings and a suitcase and setting out on the open road in search of adventure. Of course, there are moments that seem typical now, but back then... lets just say the scene on the Greyhound bus still gives me panic attacks. Not to mention creepy Bible Salesman.

UGH ITS JUST SO GOOD!!But dont pass up this book just because or its age. I recommend it for ya readers who enjoy realistic fiction with a bit of a historical vibe. ::waiting for the inevitable 90s setting as historical to make me feel old::

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